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Father’s Rights in Washington State

Do men receive fair treatment in Washington State courtrooms? It is a logical question that looms in the mind of every man in a relationship coming to an end that involves children.

The unfortunate truth is there was a time where family courts were known for being biased toward men. There was a notion that children should stay with their mothers and men should have to pay both child and spousal support.

Fortunately, that isn’t really the way the court system works today. In fact, most judges find this line of thinking to be ridiculous. Family courts fully consider both the mother’s and the father’s rights in Washington State. Decisions focus on the best interests of children, not some archaic stereotype that is hardly relevant anymore. Additionally, the state of Washington encourages both parents to be equally involved in the child’s life.

Instead of immediately granting the woman custody, today’s courts evaluate the situation to determine what’s best for the child.


Your Child Needs Their Father

Every child deserves to have their father in their life. More importantly, you should be more than just a paycheck and a few weekend visits. As your child’s father, you have rights, and you deserve to have them heard.

Just because your relationship with your partner came to an end, it doesn’t mean your relationship with your child has to. In this situation, an experienced custody lawyer can help you remain a part of your child’s life.

At LaCoste Family Law, we have substantial experience representing fathers. We will fight to make sure the line of communication between you and your child remains open. We understand the bond between a father and a child—we offer the tools and resources to make sure you don’t lose that bond.


What Rights Do Fathers Have in Washington State?

Both parents have the right to fight for custody of their children. Unless negative or inappropriate behavior suggests otherwise, a father should receive the same custody consideration as the mother.

If you fight for primary custody of your child – and you succeed – you also have the right to file for child support as well. The purpose of child support is to help cover shelter, food, clothing, medicine, and other necessary expenses involving your child. As the primary custodial parent, you would be largely responsible for these.


What if You Are Not the Primary Custodial Parent?

Even if you are not the parent with primary custody of your child, you still have the right to see your child and be a consistent part of their life. According to state law, you are entitled to routine visitations, and the other parent cannot legally interfere with your right to be with your child.

At LaCoste Family Law, we provide legal support to our clients going through divorce and custody battles regardless of gender. If you are a father and you are concerned about your rights to your child, please contact us through our website, via our email, info@lacostefamilylaw.com, or give us a call at (509) 392-8000 today. Our experienced father’s rights attorney in Washington State will help you every step of the way.