Child Support Modification

Legal Modification in Washington State

Once legal child support arrangements have been made, there may come a time when adjustments are required, whether it has been short- or long-term circumstances that have changed for either parent. In most cases, there’s some sort of change or difference in the previously reported income. When it comes to Washington state child support modification, we have you covered. Therefore, you must understand the common reasons a court will consider child support modification.

Reasons for Child Support Modification

  • Income levels have either increased or decreased
    • From gaining a promotion or new job entirely to losing employment or finding yourself with decreased hours, these are reasons for child support reconsideration.
  • The child requires additional needs
    • From dental work, like braces, to tutoring programs and other therapies, children grow and so do their chosen activities and care.
  •  The obligor has more children
    • If the obligor has more children, their expenses will need to be re-examined.

Understanding Temporary vs. Permanent

There are times when a court will agree that a child support modification is necessary. If that is the case, the adjustment may be either temporary or permanent. A temporary modification can include a lump sum of funds to cover the immediate needs the child is facing. Such needs can include school clothes and shoes or health-related emergencies.

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