Child Custody Modification

What Is Legal Custody Modification?

Whether you originally agreed on your legally binding parenting plan or felt your concerns weren’t met, child custody modification may be for you. When parents feel their child custody agreement no longer suits them, they have every right to request a modification in court. Sometimes, it’s tough to accomplish thorough or effective communication between parents, especially when there is a strained relationship between the two. When this happens, it can make finding common ground a difficult and somewhat daunting task. There are several reasons a judge will consider an alteration for a current custody arrangement.

Typical Reasons for Child Custody Modification

  • The child’s/children’s needs have changed
    • What worked for your infant or toddler’s daily schedule may change as they attend different schools or join in on extracurricular activities.
  • The untimely death of a parent
    • When a parent dies, a child custody modification may be required and will help determine where the child will be placed.
  • When the visitation schedule is not being followed
    • If either parent chooses not to follow the agreed-upon parenting plan, a court will consider a change in child custody.
  • Physical relocation
    • A court can consider a modification in the child custody agreement if either of the parents is contemplating relocation, especially if the relocation will affect the current custody arrangement.
  • If the child/children are in danger
    • A main reason courts consider child custody modification is due to concerns regarding the child’s wellbeing.

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