Family Law Attorney in Pasco, WA

Our Philosophy 

When you begin any legal proceeding, a dedicated lawyer is a must. Our family law attorney in Pasco, Washington, is more than just an authoritative asset in the courtroom. Jennifer Lacoste’s compassionate approach offers reassurance throughout the process, and she empowers each individual to remain positive during the most challenging circumstances. When you work with Lacoste, you have an anchor to keep you grounded from beginning to end.

Our Commitment 

We go the extra mile with each case we take on, and our intensive efforts demonstrate our dedication to our clients. We don’t apply one-size-fits-all solutions—instead, we listen to our clients’ concerns, expectations, and long-term goals. We collect the necessary information and evidence to argue your case effectively, so we can secure a resolution that represents your family’s best interests.

We provide strength and empowerment and offer support when you need it most. You can trust our team to be there for you every step of the way.

Practice Areas

If you need a custody or divorce lawyer in Pasco, WA, we have your back. Our experience includes collaborative divorces and unmarried couple separation, as well as child custody, support, abuse, or neglect. We fight passionately for fathers’ rights because we believe the best solution for the family is never cut and dry.

Let us fight on your behalf if you need legal assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Adoption 
  • Child custody 
  • Child support 
  • Child abuse and neglect 
  • Divorce 
  • Collaborative divorce  
  • Unmarried couple separation 
  • Domestic violence 

Request a Consultation 

If you have questions about your situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also request a consultation to speak to our family law attorney in Pasco, WA. During our initial communication, we’ll gather information and learn more about your situation to determine the best course of action.

We’re here to offer guidance and support, no matter your situation. Let Lacoste Law be your advocate.