What To Know About Reversing an Adoption

What To Know About Reversing an Adoption

What To Know About Reversing an Adoption

Many people do not realize that adoptions can be reversed under certain circumstances. The process is incredibly lengthy, and those interested in a reversal will need a trusted attorney by their side. However, adoptions can still be undone if necessary. This piece explains what to know about adoption reversal for anyone thinking about undergoing the process.

Birth Parents’ Rights

In Washington State, a child’s birth parents must be found unfit by the courts, or they must consent to an adoption. Consent is typically not required until 48 hours after the baby is born so that the parents have a small window of time to change their minds. Those interested in adopting a little one should keep this in mind before starting the process. An adoption can also be revoked if it is discovered that consent was given by force or in an unlawful way. Birth parents who feel like they were manipulated into giving up their parental rights should immediately contact a lawyer.

Adoptive Parents’ Rights

Although it is rare, some adoptive parents seek to have an adoption reversed if their circumstances change. For example, some babies are born with physical and mental disabilities unknown to the adoptive parents. In this case, the adoptive parents must prove to the courts that they do not have the means to care for a child with such limitations. Another instance could be that the parents develop a disability of their own and can no longer care for the little one. Again, people must be able to prove this in the courts with a lawyer by their side.

The Childs’ Rights

Many folks would be surprised to find that children have a say in their own adoption. If a kid can prove that they are in an unsafe environment when they get older, they can try to emancipate themselves from their adoptive parents. Most people put their children up for adoption because it is in the little one’s best interests. If this statement turns out to be false, legal action needs to be taken.

We hope this article helped you get more insight on what to know about reversing an adoption. Anyone going through the process should have an experienced lawyer by their side the entire time. The team at LaCoste Family Law has some of the most supportive adoption attorneys in Washington State. We want adoption to be a joyous occasion for all our clients. So, we try our hardest to make the process as simple as possible so that folks can enjoy life as a new family.