Tips for Gaining Primary Custody of Your Children

Tips for Gaining Primary Custody of Your Children

Tips for Gaining Primary Custody of Your Children

Most people assume that mothers get full custody of their children after a divorce. In the past, this sentiment was true, as courts believed that mothers were considered the primary caregivers, and consequently, were more capable of taking care of couple’s children. This view has changed in recent years because the courts understand and promote the belief that children benefit from having both parents in their lives; therefore, mothers do not automatically get full custody & decision making. This article discusses how how to gain primary custody of your children and some factors that come to play during this difficult time. It is exceedingly difficult to get primary custody unless the other parent is completely unfit and a danger to the children’s well-being.

Risk Factors

Most parents are usually able to come to an agreement regarding decision making and parenting time in Washington State. Parents develop a residential schedule that details who their children will spend the most time with. Risk factors will be taken into account when determining the schedule to ensure decisions are made in the best interests of the child. Parents who have several risk factors, such as a history of domestic violence or substance abuse, are less likely to receive more time with their child.

How Can You Get More Time?

For starters, both parties should consider hiring their own attorneys to ensure they are fairly represented in mediation and court if it gets to that point. You should do the things listed below to ensure your chances of gaining more time with your children.

Provide a Healthy Environment

Another tip on how to gain primary custody of your children is to provide a healthy environment for them. Show the courts you’re able to provide a loving home for the child. During this stage of the process, it would be wise to have witnesses testify on your behalf. How do you interact with your children when you are with them? Is the environment safe, supportive, and loving, so they can grow in the future? Your witnesses should be able to answer these questions without hesitation.

Prove That the Alternative Will Negatively Impact Them

You must be able to prove that too much time with the other parent will negatively impact your child if you are looking to get primary custody. Here are some points to help you do that:

  • Is the other party financially stable? Could they support the child if they had them full-time?
  • What impact will moving between houses have on the child? Will moving schools have an impact?
  • Is the other parent able to provide proper supervision and care to the child?

Here at LaCoste Family Law, we offer the help and compassion our clients need in order to provide the best environment for their children. As long as the child is well taken care of and it is in their best interest, there should be no bias between the mother or father in terms of custodial arrangements. We have one of the highest-rated child custody lawyers in Tri Cities, Washington, and we will fight to get you time with your children.