The Main Purpose of Child Support

The Main Purpose of Child Support

The Main Purpose of Child Support

Divorce is challenging for everyone involved. It’s heartbreaking when two people realize they can’t spend forever together like they’d hoped. The situation becomes even more complicated when children are involved. Parents must think about how their split affects their children and put their kids’ emotions and needs first. The former couple must also agree on child support. Most people have the wrong idea about child support. It’s not intended to drive one spouse into complete financial ruin while the other lives a life of luxury. Child support minimizes the effect of a divorce on a child as much as possible. This article will explain the main purpose of child support and prove that it’s an essential statute in the legal system.

Secure the Child’s Basic Needs

One of the main purposes of child support is to secure a child’s basic needs. It is unfair to punish a child when a couple splits up. Luckily, the court put measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen. Child support helps to ensure that a divorced couple’s child has everything they need. The rule also creates a balance between the parents so that their child isn’t financially affected by their split. It would be unfairly one-sided if a child had everything they needed while with one parent but were struggling with the other. Child support agreements make sure the child has a well-rounded life. The agreement works to ensure the child always has access to food, clothing, and shelter no matter which parent they are with at the time.

Finance the Child’s Education

Child support can also be used to finance a child’s education. It’s grossly unfair to punish a child by limiting or withdrawing educational support because their parents got divorced. Courts established child support so that this doesn’t happen. If a child has any educational expenses, they should be taken care of by child support. Child support should be used to pay for any textbooks, field trips, or uniforms the child needs.

Continue the Child’s Extracurricular Activities

Children should never be caught in the middle of the financial aspects of their parents’ divorce. They should still have access to all the necessities, and their educational plan should remain the same. Moreover, children of divorced parents should enjoy all the same activities they did when their parents were married. Thus, the courts should help establish a child support plan so that the kid can do everything they did when their parents were together. They should be able to stay on the soccer team and pay all the fees that go along with that. They should also be able to hang out with their friends and attend social activities as they did before. Child support makes it so that the youngster’s life isn’t completely turned upside down.

It’s difficult for children to understand the concept of divorce. Therefore, it’s vital for parents to reassure their children that this change is for the best. These agreements can become messy when things are less than amicable between the former partners. If you feel your ex does not have your child’s best interests at heart regarding child support, or for help with implementing or modifying your current support order, please contact LaCoste Family Law. Our team of professionals are highly experienced and top-rated child support lawyers in Washington State. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure the courts develop a plan where your child’s needs are at the forefront.