The Emotional Stages of Divorce

The Emotional Stages of Divorce

The Emotional Stages of Divorce

Divorce is a painful experience, unlike any other you might experience. Although the legal technicalities are similar in most situations, people deal with the emotional side of the split differently. Talking about the emotional stages of divorce will help individuals realize they are not alone on the journey. There’s no shame in feeling confused when ending a marriage.


The first stage of getting a divorce is denial. Couples sometimes have trouble admitting separation is best because they don’t want to let their loved ones down or fall short of societal expectations. Sometimes, misconceptions about divorce can dissuade someone from filing. Thus, spouses ignore signs that they should break up. Anyone who’s always sweeping things under the rug ought to take a hard look at the root of the problems.

Anger and Hostility

Once the denial subsides, folks nearing a divorce typically become angry. This anger arises from a sense of betrayal and the belief that the other person did something wrong. Those who are ending their marriage should try their hardest to push past feelings of hostility. Frustration will only make things worse and further complicate legal matters when the process begins.


Bargaining is another emotional stage of divorce. During this step, individuals are known for making false promises in an attempt to get the other person to stay. Often times, these assurances are made out of desperation and don’t stick in the long run. People should try to remain calm during this time. Emotions can run high, especially when there are children to consider and how the divorce will affect them. It’s better for someone to collect their thoughts than make a promise they can’t keep.


Getting a divorce will likely bring on symptoms of depression, no matter what type of divorce it is. Those who decide to end their marriage have to face the reality that their life will not turn out the way they had originally imagined. People must cope with these sad feelings to truly move on with the rest of their life. Having a trusted attorney by their side will make the process a little easier. Individuals who are pursuing a collaborative divorce in Washington State should contact LaCoste Family Law immediately. Our team knows how heartbreaking this experience is, and we want to be an ally to our clients.


The final emotional stage of getting a divorce is acceptance. Eventually, the person who got a divorce will feel okay. Hopefully, they can come to the realization that separation was best for everyone. Although it may take a while to reach this stage, folks should try to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If they rely on their support system and hire a caring family law attorney, they will get through this painful experience.