How COVID-19 Might Impact Your Custody Court Case

How COVID-19 Might Impact Your Custody Court Case

How COVID-19 Might Impact Your Custody Court Case

The pandemic made most aspects of life more complicated, including co-parenting. With the uncertainty and potential exposures to the virus, parenting has become more difficult than ever, especially for parents that are not together. Check out this quick guide on how COVID-19 might impact your custody court case.

Tricky Visitation Issues

Over the course of the pandemic, it has not been uncommon for parents to disagree on the safety concerns regarding visitations or switching homes. Travel was discouraged since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, but some parents were concerned about having their children visit with the other parent.

You and your co-parent cannot refuse visitation due to the pandemic without a judge ruling or new agreement. There are extra precautions that can benefit your children, and refusing visitation is not the only option.

Difficulty Getting To Court

Another major issue impacting co-parents during the COVID-19 pandemic is the difficulty of getting in front of a judge for changes to the existing custody agreement. With the court system paused for so long due to safety precautions and social distancing, it is more difficult than ever to take your case in front of a judge.

Even as courts begin to reopen, they are backed up and typically working with reduced hours and facing many of the same challenges the rest of us are with employees sick or in quarantine. If you have an emergency case or a serious issue, consult with a trustworthy lawyer to resolve it or find your way to court.

Sickness Reporting Concerns

There is another common issue with co-parenting during a pandemic: sickness plans. What happens if one parent gets COVID-19? What if one displays symptoms? What about disagreements regarding vaccinations? There are many concerns about when to report a symptom, how often to get tested, if both parents want the vaccination for themselves and the child, and more.

There may be many other issues that arise during the pandemic. How COVID-19 might impact your custody court case depends greatly on your current custody arrangement and your co-parenting relationship. In cases where you cannot agree with your co-parent, it is beneficial to contact a common law lawyer in Washington state. Here at LaCoste Family Law, we prioritize our clients and know the stakes of a custody situation, even during a pandemic.