Tips for Fathers Going Through a Custody Battle

Tips for Fathers Going Through a Custody Battle

Tips for Fathers Going Through a Custody Battle

Going through a divorce is an extremely emotional process. It’s heartbreaking when a marriage comes to an end. Things become even more complicated with children involved. As parents, it’s your responsibility to make sure your children are okay, even if you aren’t. The divorce process can become especially grueling on fathers. For so long, it was almost impossible for fathers to gain any sort of custodial rights over their children during a divorce. Courtroom decisions nearly always favored on the side of the mother. However, things have changed in recent years. Now, more than ever, fathers know about their rights and how to exercise them. Fathers can start to advocate for themselves so that they can stay involved in their children’s lives. Divorce is painful; it shouldn’t be made worse by losing custody. Dads should review these tips for fathers going through a custody battle, so you can understand how to fight for your child.

Be Proactive

The most crucial tip for fathers going through a custody battle is to be proactive. You should seek legal advice the minute you and your partner decide you want to end the relationship. No one should go through divorce proceedings on their own, but this is especially true for fathers. Since the system can be heavily skewed toward mothers, fathers need to ensure they have an experienced father’s rights attorney on their side. The skilled team at Lacoste Family Law are here for you, and Jennifer LaCoste is a top-rated child custody lawyer in Washington state. Our client base is primarily fathers who need a fair shot and desperately just want to remain a part of their child’s life. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure your voice is heard throughout your custody matter. However, you need to be proactive in the process. Consult an attorney immediately, so you can start getting a plan in place.

Try to Stay as Amicable as Possible

Even though it proves challenging, you need to stay as amicable as possible with your former partner during a custody battle. Remaining cordial with your former partner can seem like a nearly impossible task; however, it’s something both of you will need to do to keep your family together. The more bitter you are toward one another, the nastier the dispute will become. So please, try and maintain an open line of communication with your ex. With the help of your legal team, you can have a conversation with your former partner and see if the two of you can reach a middle ground. Keep in mind that you’ll have to compromise. Neither of you will get everything you want. If both of you come into the talks with a fresh mind, and you’re willing to work with each other, things will turn out better for everyone.

Do Your Research

Every father going through a custody battle should do as much research as they possibly can. Many dads don’t know what rights they have. This is unacceptable. If you want to fight for your child, you need to do your part to partake in educating yourself about your rights. Judges want to see that fathers actively try to be a part of their children’s lives. Courtrooms don’t want men to come in completely ambivalent about the entire process. Be passionate. The more vocal you are about wanting to exercise your paternal rights the more courts will listen to what you have to say.

Stay Off Social Media

Social media is great for so many things. People can use their profiles to raise awareness about important issues, businesses can use it to market their brands, or people can spread important messages. However, social media can also negatively affect your life if you constantly share personal information on your pages. Dads, never share any of your custody case info on your social media pages. You need to keep that stuff to yourself. In fact, if you do share a negative post, this can have ramifications in the courtroom. A judge may feel inclined to rule against you if they see you always bashing your ex on social media. Be smart and respectful—your future relationship with your child could depend on it.

Keep Records of Everything

Custody battles can get tough. You never want it to turn into a he said, she said situation. To keep things copasetic, keep records of everything. Never rely on words alone. If your partner tells you they’ll agree to something, make sure to get it in writing. They could change their mind the minute they step foot in the courthouse. Avoid getting stuck in an awkward situation where it’s your word against theirs by keeping track of every conversation you have. Communicate through text message or email so that you have written proof of what they’ve told you. You should keep track of every conversation you have with your legal team as well. Finally, try to collect records of activities you do with your child. If you and your kid participate in a sports league together, make sure you have documentation. Judges want to see that fathers play an active role in their kid’s life. Collect all the information you can to show courtroom officials how important it is that you maintain a positive relationship with your child.

Keep Your Children in Mind

The most vital tip for fathers going through a custody battle is to always have your kid’s best interests in mind. Whatever you do, you can’t let your issues with your ex affect your child. You must put your problems aside and think about what’s best for them. The minute you start thinking about winning or losing, you need to step back and reevaluate things. The reality is, there are no winners or losers in these scenarios. You both need to focus on building a parenting plan that works for your children. Don’t demand certain things simply because you want to spite your former partner. Instead, consider how this divorce and custody battle will impact your child and do what you can to soften the blow.

Fathers Going Through a Custody Battle Tips