The Different Types of Domestic Abuse

The Different Types of Domestic Abuse

The Different Types of Domestic Abuse

Most people believe that domestic abuse only pertains to married couples. This sentiment is entirely untrue. Domestic violence can occur between romantic partners, siblings, parents and stepchildren, or roommates. There are also many different types of domestic abuse that people should be aware of so they can spot the warning signs and leave as quickly as possible.

Physical Abuse

One of the most common types of abuse is physical violence. Anyone who is in a relationship where the other person causes bodily harm should try their best to swiftly remove themselves from the situation. Injuries should be treated immediately to ensure that no permanent damage has been done. Unfortunately, victims of physical violence rarely seek medical assistance because they are ashamed of the situation.

Physical violence can also affect someone’s psyche. The person might develop a distrust for other people in their life, and develop low self-esteem. Once someone in a person’s support system betrays their trust, it is difficult to believe other people won’t do the same. Victims of physical mistreatment may also experience higher levels of anxiety of fearfulness because they’re so uncertain of what could trigger another attack. These are long-term side effects that could impact the rest of an individual’s life.

Anyone who has been physically assaulted should contact a family law attorney to guide them through the legal process. The team at LaCoste Family Law has the experience and compassion to deal with cases surrounding domestic violence in Washington State. We will ensure that the person’s voice is heard and that their rights are defended in court. The firm aims to be an ally for its clients undergoing a traumatic situation.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abusers try to diminish their victim’s sense of self-worth to maintain control over their life. Perpetrators do this by saying horrible things about them, isolating them from their support system, and embarrassing them whenever possible. These disgraceful actions make the person believe the perpetrator is in total control. Victims of emotional mistreatment find it difficult to make decisions on their own because they are fearful of what the preparator may do when their authority is challenged.

Emotional cruelty can have a profound impact on a person’s mental state. Eventually, victims will start to believe the things that their abuser is saying to them. Again, offenders want this to happen because the less confident a person is, the easier they are to control. Anyone who is in an emotionally abusive relationship should tell people immediately. Loved ones will help the individual get out of the current situation, so they can work on rebuilding their mental health. Healing is a long journey, but it starts with exiting a toxic environment.

Financial Abuse

People can also be taken advantage of financially. As with other types of abuse, financial exploitation occurs when a person wants total control over someone else’s life. For example, one spouse may not give the other access to a credit card, so they are forced to ask them for funds before making a purchase. These actions limit an individual’s independence and create a skewed power dynamic within the relationship.

Financial abuse does not only occur between people in a romantic relationship. Like the other different types of domestic abuse, financial manipulation can happen between parents and children or siblings. For example, parents can hold money over their children’s heads because they cannot earn themselves. Most parents understand they are financially responsible for the children. Yet, some individuals use their financial status as a way to exert power over their kids. Signs of financial abuse against children include neglect or undernourishment. School officials ought to watch out for children who eat large portions at school because that could mean they are not being fed enough at home. Kids who always wear the same clothing may be experiencing financial maltreatment, as well. Adults or adolescents who recognize this behavior should consider telling an adult so the situation can be evaluated.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can happen in various relationships. Also, there are many forms of sexual exploitation that everyone should be familiar with. For example, men who alter a women’s birth control are committing an act of sexual abuse. Reproductive coercion is another form of sexual abuse as well. A man who takes away a woman’s choice to get pregnant does not respect her authority or her ability to make her own decisions. Having children should be something a couple discusses together.

Anytime someone is forced to perform a sexual act against their will, they are being sexually abused. A person must have consent from an individual over the age of eighteen to engage in sexual activity with them. Sadly, children are one subgroup vulnerable to this type of mistreatment. Any adult who suspects a child may be experiencing sexual abuse should call the authorities immediately. Hopefully, the adolescent will open up so the perpetrator can face criminal charges. Sexual maltreatment of any kind, or at any age, can affect a person’s ability to form healthy relationships in the future.

This article has shown that abuse comes in a variety of forms and that no one is immune. People in any kind of relationship are susceptible to violence if the other person exhibits dangerous behavior. Luckily, there are warning signs that everyone can watch out for. The minute someone puts their hands on other an individual or verbally attacks them, that relationship should end. Moreover, if a person does not want their partner, child, or sibling to have a life of their own, the situation should be re-evaluated.

Victims often struggle with leaving their relationships because their abuser has successfully started to control every aspect of their life—including the way they think about themselves. Thus, people should work with a compassionate family law attorney who understands how painful the process is. Our team at LaCoste Family Law never wants to add stress to our clients’ lives. Rather, lawyers at the firm want the victims of domestic violence in Washington State to come forward so their healing process can begin. LaCoste Family Law will do more than sort through the legalities; we will provide folks with resources to deal with trauma.

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