The Difference Between a Divorce an Annulment

The Difference Between a Divorce an Annulment

The Difference Between a Divorce an Annulment

Marriages are ending at an alarming rate in this country. Some reasons for this include higher workloads that stress individuals out and people disagreeing about when to have children. However, it is important to note that there is more than one way to end a marriage. This article explains the difference between divorce and an annulment.

The Main Differences

The primary difference between a divorce and an annulment is that a divorce ends a marriage; an annulment states that a marriage never existed in the first place. Legally, there are dramatic dissimilarities between the two.

What Is Involved in a Legal Divorce?

In a legal divorce, there are many options for a couple to choose from. The most common is a no-fault divorce in which neither party is to blame for the end of the marital contract; they simply have irreconcilable differences. During this kind of divorce, each party hires their own lawyer to represent their interests in court and mediate the process.

What Is Involved in a Legal Annulment?

An annulment, on the other hand, requires one person to prove that the other person went into the marriage with false intentions. An annulment can only be granted if one person can prove the other person was lying to them, if they were too young, or if they were already married to another person. Since you have to prove any one of these things, it is very challenging to get an annulment.

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