Safety Concerns About Child Visitation During COVID-19

Safety Concerns About Child Visitation During COVID-19

Safety Concerns About Child Visitation During COVID-19

The past year and a half have been grueling. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed every aspect of American life. Children began e-learning, millions of people started working remotely, and only essential workers were allowed to continue their work as usual. Another thing that has changed as a result of the pandemic is child custody agreements. How is one to practice social distancing while transferring their child from one home to another? This article will explore this matter as well other safety concerns about child visitation during COVID-19.

Wearing Masks

The CDC recommends wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19. Wearing masks is especially important for children who are bouncing back and forth between houses. Try to have your children wear masks in crowded places to stop the virus from spreading from home to home.

Social Distancing and Virtual Activities

One of the most substantial concerns regarding safety and COVID-19 is social distancing between transfers. After all, it is nearly impossible to social distance when a child moves from one parent to the other. For this reason, divorced parents must be especially patient during this time. One person may have to take advantage of virtual apps, such as FaceTime and Zoom, until it is safe for their child to go multiple places.

Vaccinations, Schools, and Households With Multiple Children

A parent’s worst nightmare is putting their child at risk unintentionally. Unfortunately, that may be hard to avoid at this point in time. For example, parents must think about sending their children to school. What if the parents have a young child at home who cannot be vaccinated? Is sending them to school with multiple people a smart decision? Divorced parents must also discuss limiting playdates and other social interactions. They have to get on the same page about these ideas to develop the best plan for their family.

These are just a few of the safety concerns about child visitations during COVID-19. The fact is that we are living through an unprecedented moment in history. No one truly knows the right and wrong answers regarding the virus. That said, you should follow any restrictions the experts lay out. Unfortunately, this may lead to your custody arrangement changing during this time.

You should offer each other grace and work with one another to make the decisions for your child. However, if one person feels like the other is taking advantage of the moment, they should contact LaCoste Family Law today. We have the best child custody attorney in Washington. We simply want to ensure that every decision being made is in the best interest of the child and not just one parent.