Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

People who are getting a divorce need someone in their corner. Of course, their friends and family will be there to support them when needed. Those who are newly separated also deserve a trustworthy attorney by their side to fight for them in court. Here are three essential questions to ask before hiring a divorce attorney. Individuals need an ally to help them navigate through this painful journey.

What is their track record?

It would be helpful to learn about past cases before hiring an attorney. Please, do not be afraid to ask potential lawyers about their success rate. Ask to learn more about their previous cases and how they have settled things in court. It is not wise to hire an attorney who is hush-hush about their history. Of course, confidentiality is important. Still, the legal professional should be able to answer some questions without violating the privacy of their former clients. Use this time as an opportunity to ask how they operate. Inquire about their processes and make it known that transparency is essential. A firm must discuss how they handle their cases so that future clients can trust them.

Who will be working on the case?

A legal firm typically works as a team. One crucial question to ask before hiring a divorce lawyer is who will be working on the case. People getting a divorce should ask to meet the entire team and inquire about their areas of specialization before they sign any contracts. The end of a marriage is an incredibly personal matter. Thus, the person in the situation deserves to know who will be helping them along the way. Attorneys should be sensitive and supportive of their clients during this time. The team at LaCoste Family Law has some of the best divorce lawyers in Washington State. We champion our clients so that they can come through this stronger on the other side.

What about a timeframe?

Not only is divorce painful, but it can also be an incredibly long process. People looking for help should bring all documentation to every meeting they attend. Those getting a divorce should be upfront with every attorney they speak to and ask for a timeline about proceedings. The right lawyer should be honest about the case and how long it will take to finalize everything. It is also a smart idea to bring up any factors that may prolong the process. Be honest with these individuals about matters like child support and splitting assets. Hopefully, individuals in need will find a trustworthy firm that can get things done within their desired timeframe.

It is vital for people to have an experienced attorney by their side when getting a divorce. Divorce agreements are full of legal terms that are difficult for most people to understand. An excellent attorney will break down the legalities of the contract, so they are easier to comprehend. The right lawyer will also be another person the newly separated party can lean on when needed.