How Social Media Can Impact Your Custody Case

How Social Media Can Impact Your Custody Case

How Social Media Can Impact Your Custody Case

Social media is great for so many things. It makes the world feel a bit smaller, people use it to spread messages of positivity, and it keeps everyone updated on global issues. However, there are some negative things about social media as well. We all know one person who shares every detail of their life on their social media pages. Oversharing is never a smart idea. This sentiment is especially true for people going through a custody battle. We offer this guide on how social media can impact your custody case. Please, try to keep things to yourself, so you don’t do anything that can jeopardize your case.

It Can Be Used Against You

If you wonder how social media can impact your child custody case, you need to know that your posts can be used against you. Ranting on your social media pages is never a good idea; however, this is especially unwise for people going through a divorce. Your former spouse can show the judge your posts in an attempt to sway them to rule in their favor. If you constantly speak ill of your ex on your profiles, they can show that to the judge to try to prove you’re uncooperative. Your ex can also show court officials posts containing drinking or anything that goes against a typical parenting model. Make sure all of your pages private as soon as you begin the separation process. Also, stay radio silent about the proceedings. The more vocal you are about your struggles, the less cooperative you may appear to the court.

It Can Give Insight to Your Income

Most people post things without thinking. People share pictures of their vacations, luxury items they buy for themselves, or pictures from an expensive night out. Don’t do this if you’re going through a divorce. Your social media pages can give the courts additional insight into your income. If you and your ex are arguing over spousal support, your former spouse can use your social media profiles to show the judge how you spend your money. If the judge sees pictures of you on expensive vacations or buying luxury items, this could impact their decision on spousal support. Keep your pages as humble as possible, and don’t post about anything too extravagant.

In Some Cases, It Can Help

Not everything about social media is terrible. There are some instances when your social media can help you during a custody case. If you have a profile filled with photos of you and your child, this may help with showing how involved you are with them. Courtroom officials want to see that you have a strong relationship with your children. You should tell your lawyers if your social media reflects a strong relationship with your child because you may be able to use this as an opportunity to show people that you have a strong presence in their life. However, please don’t start posting about your child only after you decide on a separation. The court wants to see this as a reoccurring thing, not something you only did to look good.

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