Common Misconceptions About Divorce Lawyers

Common Misconceptions About Divorce Lawyers

Common Misconceptions About Divorce Lawyers

If your relationship has deteriorated to the point where you are sure you cannot remain married, divorce makes sense. But the common misconceptions about divorce lawyers may lead you astray at a time when you badly need a knowledgeable advocate. Do not let the myths about divorce lawyers cause you to make potentially costly mistakes.

MYTH: Divorce Lawyers Are Unnecessary

Representing yourself in divorce proceedings is technically possible, but it is exceedingly unwise. Divorce lawyers in Washington State understand the state’s divorce laws and can guide you so that you avoid inadvertently damaging your interests. A divorce lawyer will help you understand what is at stake in a divorce, how courts make decisions about dividing property, and the difference between child custody and visitation and between spousal and child support.

MYTH: Divorce Lawyers Are Too Aggressive

Sometimes you need an aggressive attorney to represent your interests and get the other side to produce financial information, propose a parenting plan, or sign necessary documents. However, most divorce attorneys know that dispassionate professionalism is the best course and that it can result in the best outcomes for their clients. Your attorney is not a conduit for you to work out any feelings of anger or betrayal you have toward your spouse. A divorce lawyer’s job is to negotiate with your spouse’s attorney to work out a divorce settlement that both parties can accept and that the court will approve, saving time and money by avoiding contentious yet slow-moving litigation.

MYTH: Divorce Lawyers Make Divorce More Expensive

One of the common misconceptions about divorce lawyers is that their fees will consume a substantial percentage of their clients’ resources. Attorneys’ fees can seem high, but the cost of proceeding without representation could be much higher. Washington is a community property state, which means that assets and personal property one acquires during a marriage is presumed to be marital property—in other words, belonging to both partners. Property division as well as determining responsibilities for marital debts can be complicated and emotionally fraught issues. Without expert representation, you could end up signing away money or property that is rightfully yours.

Divorce attorneys are duty bound to seek the best outcomes for their clients but it goes much farther than that. We want to help set you and your family up for the next chapter of your life and whether or not that includes an award of spousal and/or child support for clients who have been financially dependent on their partners, or negotiating how much one side will need to pay, we can help you and your former spouse find a fair settlement

The attorneys at LaCoste Family Law have experience in all the various aspects of divorces in Washington State. Contact us for advice in divorce, child custody and support, property division, and spousal support before you inadvertently give away more than you should.