Cases Family Law Lawyers Handle

Cases Family Law Lawyers Handle

Cases Family Law Lawyers Handle

Family law lawyers are unlike anyone else in the field. These attorneys deal with incredibly sensitive situations, and they fight for their clients in court. Unlike other types of law, family law is personal. Here are some of the different cases family law lawyers handle for people looking for assistance in a particular area.


Family law attorneys typically handle divorce cases. The dissolution of a marriage is a heartbreaking experience, so individuals need someone they can rely on by their side. LaCoste Family Law has one of the most trusted attorneys in Washington State. Our team is sympathetic to clients, and they help people figure out specifics such as the splitting of assets and living situations. Anyone looking for an attorney who know the details of family law in Tri-Cities, Washington, should call us today.

Child Custody

Another type of case family law lawyers handle is child custody. When parents split, it is difficult for them to see things objectively and put their children’s needs first. A skilled family law attorney can try and help mediate the situation and remind parents that it’s beneficial to keep things as normal and consistent as possible for their children. Family law lawyers can also help guardians through cases of child abuse and neglect. Individuals should contact someone in the industry the minute they suspect abuse so that the child can be removed from the toxic environment.


Family law attorneys also deal with adoption cases. Adopting a child is a complex process, so those who are interested need an ally to guide them. Family lawyers will aid individuals with filling out the paperwork to ensure that everything is done legally. Things become even more complicated when the adoption occurs internationally. Again, adults must hire an attorney to make sure the child meets all federal regulations before coming to the United States. The lawyer should inform people of the medical requirements involved in international adoption.