4 Things To Know About Divorce After Adoption

4 Things To Know About Divorce After Adoption

4 Things To Know About Divorce After Adoption

When parents adopt a child, they likely don’t anticipate getting a divorce. However, this situation can occur. If you and your partner are divorcing after an adoption, you might wonder what you need to know to prepare for the court hearings. Keep reading to learn how Washington state views adoptive children, how adoption subsidy factors in, what legal rights each parent has, and how you can support adoptive children during this time.

All Children Are Treated Equally in Court

The first thing adoptive parents might think about when divorcing one another is whether the court will treat their adoptive child the same as a biological one. The Washington court system views all children equally. If you were to get a divorce after adopting a child, this would not affect the adoption, reverse it, or put either party at a disadvantage.

Adoption Assistance Payments

An issue that sometimes comes up in a divorce hearing with adoptive children that won’t come up with biological children is adoption assistance payments. After adopting a child with special needs, the government may have given you assistance through payments to help care for the child.

When the courts order one parent to pay child support, that same parent might use the adoption subsidy to counter the full child support payment. This is because the custodial parent is already receiving financial assistance to care for the child. It’s essential to prepare for this instance because, in most cases, the parent making child support payments will ask the court to offset the subsidy against support payments.

Both Parents Have the Legal Right To Seek Custody

If you’re worrying about which parent is in favor of receiving custody of an adoptive child, you don’t need to fret because both parents have the legal right! The court bases the custody arrangement on the best interest of the child. If you’re a father looking for custody, consider a father’s rights attorney in Washington state to help with your case. Remember that you have just as many custody rights over your adoptive child as your spouse.

Adoptive Children May Need More Support

It’s evident that all children need extra support during a divorce because it can be a turbulent time for them. However, adoptive children might have a more challenging time adjusting after divorce because the situation can exacerbate their emotions from the adoption. Many adoptive children struggle with the feeling of belonging to a family, and divorce can heighten this anxiety.

One main thing to know about divorce after adoption is that you must prepare to provide the child with additional support during this time. Adjusting to a new normal can be difficult, but the proper support and help can make a difference.

Divorce is never easy, no matter the circumstances the situation involves. However, involving children can make the process more challenging. Hire a divorce attorney through LaCoste Family Law to help in your case when you have an adoptive child.