4 Suggestions for Limiting Contact With Your Ex-Spouse

4 Suggestions for Limiting Contact With Your Ex-Spouse

4 Suggestions for Limiting Contact With Your Ex-Spouse

Communicating throughout and after a divorce is difficult, and it’s understandable if you would rather have no contact with your ex-partner. However, this can be difficult if the divorce is still processing or if you have children together.

In this article, we provide suggestions for limiting contact with your ex-spouse, so you can avoid the headache of conflict and miscommunication. Keep your peace by following our tips below.

Delete Them on Social Media

With the technology and social networking we have available in today’s society, you can reach everyone and anyone anytime throughout the day. When you divorce your spouse but keep them on social media, you’re allowing them a glimpse into your personal life. If you’re trying to limit communication and contact, it’s best to delete them from social media so they don’t have an additional method to communicate with you.

Avoid Meeting Face-to-Face

Meeting face-to-face seems like the logical way to communicate clearly. However, if you don’t have the healthiest relationship with your ex or if the relationship ended on bad terms, speaking in person could cause tension and conflict. Instead, you should communicate through your divorce lawyers in Washington state. Doing this will help mediate the conversation and ensure you’re communicating respectfully.

Do Not Involve Your Children

It will be tempting to communicate with an ex through your children. After all, your children are already going to their house, right? However, it’s never OK to involve your children in your relationship because it’s none of their business. Not to mention, this form of communicating is like playing a game of telephone—many things can become misconstrued.

Keep Conversations Impersonal

Discussing your life and personal concerns with an ex fosters an emotional tie between you two. Therefore, the last suggestion for limiting contact with an ex-spouse is to keep your conversations impersonal. If you have children, only talk about them and what needs to be done with the divorce case. Providing an ex with personal information they don’t need anymore will only make the no contact you’re trying to enact more difficult.

At the beginning of a divorce, it’s best to limit contact with each other, so you can focus on building a new life and healing yourself. Eventually, in the future, you both may be ready for contact and communication again. If you need additional support throughout your divorce, do not hesitate to reach out to LaCoste Family Law. Our professional divorce lawyers will help ensure your divorce case goes smoothly.