3 Tips for Staying Objective During Divorce Proceedings

3 Tips for Staying Objective During Divorce Proceedings

3 Tips for Staying Objective During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce can bring out the worst in people. Suddenly, someone who didn’t care much about material possessions insists on taking all the wedding silver, or an inexpensive souvenir of a long-past vacation becomes a dealbreaker for both partners when negotiating property division.

Holding your emotions in check is difficult during a divorce, but it’s important to maintain a sense of detachment that will help you make wise decisions about your future as a divorced person. These three tips for staying objective during divorce proceedings.

Find External Emotional Support

Don’t try to cope with the swirling emotions of divorce all by yourself. Worrying about finances, feeling concerned about how your children are handling the split, and being wary of your partner’s motives in negotiations can be overwhelming. Find a trusted friend or professional therapist you can confide in so you won’t lose your cool when you and your lawyer are sitting across the table from your soon-to-be-ex-spouse.

Consider Mediation

Fighting in public through the courts can make you angrier and more resentful than when you realized your marriage was over. An impartial third-party mediator can shuttle between you and your spouse to arrive at an agreement that’s acceptable to both of you. It will be easier to specify what you genuinely want and need from a divorce settlement when the process is geared toward reaching an agreement rather than “winning” a court case.

Let Your Lawyer Do the Talking

Even if you choose mediation, it’s important to have knowledgeable representation. An experienced family law lawyer can watch out for your interests when you’re not confident. They can help press your case for a favorable financial settlement, the right to stay in your home, and legal and physical custody of your children. A good divorce lawyer will think of things you didn’t consider and help you arrive at a result that will serve your family’s best interests.

In Washington state, the attorneys of LaCoste family law can help you stay objective during divorce proceedings. If you can’t, they can be objective for you and will help you act in your best interest. They’ll help you navigate the divorce process, reaching an outcome that will set you up for a fresh start and a livable future, parenting your children and living as a newly single adult.