3 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

3 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

3 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. It’s gut-wrenching to separate yourself from someone you thought you’d spend your entire life with. Still, sometimes breaking up is the best path for everyone involved. Some couples who are getting divorced try to go through the process without lawyers; however, this can get messy quickly. This article will overview three signs you need a divorce lawyer. The right family law attorney can make a painful process easier.

Custody Is Involved

Parents who are getting a divorce should contact a lawyer immediately. Developing a co-parenting plan is no easy feat. You need an attorney by your side to ensure that things are fair and that your voice is heard. A divorce lawyer will help both parties create a custody agreement that puts the child’s best interests first. If the parents choose not to use an attorney, it’s less likely that parameters will be set in stone. Creating a solid co-parenting plan through the courts is useful for both the child and the parents. It can head off many questions that may come up down the road.

Complicated Financial Matters

Separating your financial matters is one of the most difficult parts of getting a divorce. Tons of married couples share their assets. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement in place, things can get rather tricky when it comes to dividing money. A divorce lawyer will help both parties determine what they owe. An attorney will also help the former couple discuss properties and who gets to keep what. If you and your ex can’t figure out your financial matters, contact an attorney in Pasco, Washington. The trusted team at LaCoste Family Law will go over your assets with you so that everyone gets the money they deserve.

Strained Relationship

Hostility is another sign you need a divorce lawyer. Couples can let their emotions get the best of them when they’re divorcing. Their pain affects their ability to see things clearly. If you and your ex are constantly arguing during the separation process, speak to a divorce lawyer. A family law attorney will act as a mediator. For example, the skilled team at LaCoste Family Law are entirely supportive of their clients. We understand that emotions are at an all-time high during a divorce. So, we want to help our clients get through the process in any way we can.