3 Reasons Why You Might Pay Child Support for Adult Children

3 Reasons Why You Might Pay Child Support for Adult Children

3 Reasons Why You Might Pay Child Support for Adult Children

Most people think that child support ends when the child reaches the age of 18. This is typically how payments work, but unique circumstances warrant an extension on child support after the child becomes an adult. The following are reasons you might pay child support for adult children to give you better insight into whether this is something you need to file for with the court.

The Adult Child Has a Disability

When an adult child struggles to care for themselves physically or mentally, they may be subject to ongoing child support. This is because the child cannot support themselves by earning a living. They will need monthly child support payments to live a comfortable life that meets their needs until they are eligible for assistance from the state.

The Adult Child Is Still in High School

In most cases for child support, payments stop once the child turns 18 or graduates high school, whichever comes later. For example, if your child turns 18 the December before graduation, the supporting parent may need to continue with payments until that child graduates.

The same applies to when the child needs an extra year of education. So, if your child doesn’t graduate high school until they are 19, the court may order an extension on child support. Washington intends to support children as long as they remain in school.

The Adult Child Is Attending Postsecondary Education

Speaking of schooling, another reason you might pay child support for adult children is if they plan on attending postsecondary education. Please note that these support orders are not mandatory or automatic. You must address this unique situation with the court before the child turns 18.

Many factors go into the decision for postsecondary education child support. The court’s considerations include but are not limited to the child’s age, needs of the child, standard of living, abilities and disabilities, current and future resources, and more. The court can suspend these payments if the student fails to comply with the order’s conditions or is past the age of 23.

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