What Is Legally Considered Child Abuse?

What Is Legally Considered Child Abuse?

What Is Legally Considered Child Abuse?

No one ever wants to see a child in pain. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when a child has their innocence ripped away from them at the hands of an adult. Teachers, parents, and other adult supervisors must be on high alert if they suspect a child is being abused. If you suspect a child is in some sort of danger, read this guide on what is legally considered child abuse. If you know more about the legal side of things, you’ll be able to help more.


Most people don’t realize that neglect is a form of child abuse with serious legal ramifications. Teachers, coaches, and other adult professionals need to be on the lookout for child neglect. If they notice that a kid is consistently showing up to school underfed or with poor hygiene, they should report it to the authorities. Every child should have access to basic care. If any supervisors notice children who aren’t receiving those things, it’s their duty to report it. The team at LaCoste Family Law can then work on the child’s behalf to ensure they are in the safest environment possible. If you’re an adult and you notice any sort of child neglect in Washington State, please report the issues. The authorities will handle the problem from there.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can also constitute as child abuse. Things have changed dramatically over the past 50 years alone. Past generations found it acceptable to spank their children when they were misbehaving. Now, in some states, this can constitute as child abuse. If you’re a professional who regularly works with children, keep an eye out for signs of physical abuse. If you notice a child is repeatedly showing up to school with bruising that they always try to explain away, contact the authorities.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse against a child is one of the worst crimes a person can commit. Children who have been sexually abused experience physical and emotional trauma long after the event occurs. If someone over the age of 18 has any sort of sexual contact with a minor, this is legally considered child abuse. If a child confides in you that they have been touched inappropriately, please contact the police immediately. Then the child can begin to heal from this awful experience. The expert team at LaCoste Family Law wants to be a child’s advocate in every way we can. Please, reach out to us if you suspect a child is being abused in any way.