Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Law Lawyer

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Law Lawyer

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Law Lawyer

People going through a tough situation need trusted attorneys by their side. For example, individuals going through a divorce ought to hire an experienced family law attorney to fight for them in court. However, choosing the right law firm is not as easy as one may think. Clients must do their research and make a list of questions to ask before hiring a family law lawyer. The more prepared someone is, the stronger the client/attorney relationship will be.

Have They Handled Similar Cases?

One of the first things people should ask their potential lawyer is what type of experience they have. Family law attorneys handle several different types of cases. For this reason, individuals must ensure that a law firm has at least some familiarity with the kind of case at hand. After all, no two court cases were created equally. Parents must ask attorneys if they are comfortable dealing with custody battles. These scenarios can get rather nasty if both parties are not amenable towards each other. As a result, individuals should ask a firm if they have dealt with heated situations before.

Luckily, the team at LaCoste Family law is incredibly experienced in a wide variety of court cases. We have dealt with multiple custody cases where emotions are flying high. Yet, we pride ourselves on being some of the most professional divorce lawyers in Washington State. So, we are ready for whatever shenanigans the other party throws our way.

Any Obvious Problems?

After someone has asked the team about their experience, they should explain their case to the lawyers. The more detail a person goes into, the better. Individuals should not leave any information out while explaining their situation because attorneys need to know how to help them. It is not wise to leave out facts and have an attorney be surprised in the middle of the courtroom.

Once someone has presented all the pertinent information, they should ask the attorneys if they foresee any issues. A trusted lawyer will be honest with their potential client. An excellent attorney should be transparent about what to expect in the courtroom so that people are not disappointed if the results turn out differently. That being said, there are some firms out there that only care about the money. Some attorneys will agree to take on a case and not divulge potential problems because they want the attached commission. Since there are some less than honest firms out there, people must pay extra attention to the lawyers’ answers to this question. If a person gets an uneasy feeling from them, they should continue their search.

How Do They Interact With Clients?

Another question to ask before hiring a family law lawyer is, how do they support their clients? For example, a person should start by asking how frequently they communicate with their clientele. How long will it take for the attorney to respond to an email or phone call? There’s nothing worse than when someone is left in the dark about their court case. People have a right to know what is going on every step of the way.

That is why anyone looking for a supportive family law attorney should contact LaCoste Family Law immediately. Our team is compassionate, and we want to do more than just win a case in court. Our goal is to support people going through one of the most challenging times in their lives. As a result, we are incredibly open with our clients and value communication above all else. Our team understands how stressful this feels, and people deserve to know what is going on every step of the way.

What About Approach?

Everyone should know that not all court cases are the same—every law firm handles things differently. As a result, individuals should inquire about a firm’s approach during the initial meeting. Some firms, for example, are less aggressive than others. These types of professionals tend to let the facts speak for themselves and take on a more laisse-faire style. On the other hand, there are attorneys out there who believe it is better to fight as passionately as possible. These lawyers tend to be more active and vocal in the courtroom.

Since there are various ways a case can be handled, people must ask about this before agreeing to work with someone. Ultimately, it is whatever the person is comfortable with. If someone wants an attorney who is vigorous and focused on winning, then they ought to work with that type of firm. Yet, if someone wants a more collaborative relationship with their lawyer, they should seek to hire someone who is more client-focused.

What Documents Do They Need?

Finally, a person looking for a family law attorney should ask them what documentation they need. In a divorce, for example, lawyers will likely want to see all communication between the former spouses. In child abuse cases, a law firm will need evidence that harm was brought upon the child. People should ask about documentation during the initial meeting so that no surprises arise down the line. What’s more, if a firm does not ask for any documentation, this could be a sign that they are not being transparent with that person. All lawyers need evidence to present their cases. If a legal professional does not ask for something, they could just say anything to get the commission for the case.

No one should ever go through a legal battle without an attorney by their side. For starters, being in a courtroom is an incredibly emotional experience. People need someone level-headed on their team so that feelings don’t compromise the case. Furthermore, understanding how the law works is not for the faint of heart. It is nearly impossible for someone to comprehend what is going on if they do not have a law degree. For these reasons, people need an experienced attorney in court with them.

LaCoste Family Law will answer all of these questions honestly. We will never make false claims to get someone to hire us. Also, we aim to be more than lawyers to our clients. Our firm wants to be an advocate in the courtroom and fight for what we believe is right. Through a supportive and compassionate approach, we aim to get everyone back on their feet after going through such an ordeal.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Law Lawyer