How Child Custody Decisions Are Made

How Child Custody Decisions Are Made

How Child Custody Decisions Are Made

No one ever imagines they’ll be taking part in a custody battle. Every parent wants their family to stay together as a unit. However, staying together isn’t always the best option for everyone involved. This article will discuss how child custody decisions are made by overviewing the legal processes involved as well as the factors that influence these decisions.

The Legal Process of Child Custody

Determining child custody is a difficult task. That is why it’s crucial that you don’t go through the process alone. You must have a trusted team of family lawyers by your side to guide you through every step of the journey. There are several routes you can take when determining child custody. Most couples prefer mediation. In this option, each partner sits down with an attorney, and they work out the terms of their agreement together. This option is excellent for people who don’t want to get the courts involved and those who don’t have a tumultuous relationship. If the former partners are unable to come to an agreement through mediation, negotiations will move to the courtroom. The rest of this article will discuss factors that could influence a judge’s decision in determining custody.

The Safety of the Child

Courtrooms have a responsibility to protect every child in their jurisdiction. If a judge suspects any child abuse in Washington State as they’re examining a case, they’ll remove that child from the home. This sentiment holds true when figuring out child custody, as well. One of the first things a judge will do when looking over a child custody case is to make sure your child is safe in both environments. If the judge suspects that a kid is not safe in one of their parents’ homes, they may not award custody to that individual.

What’s Best for the Child?

It is difficult for children to process change. That’s why divorce is so tough on little ones. It’s hard for them to understand that their lives won’t be the same anymore. To this end, judges who review child custody cases typically try their best to impact the child’s life as little as possible. This means a judge usually will not make a child move or leave their entire neighborhood unless there are extenuating circumstances. Keep this in mind as you are going through a custody battle, as well. Neither parent will get everything they want. However, it’s vital to compromise and put your kid’s needs above your own.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when determining child custody. First, both parents should sit down with their lawyers to come up with a reasonable plan. Contact the experienced team at LaCoste Family Law the minute you decide to create or modify a custody arrangement. We will work to address all your concerns and ensure that you reach a fair agreement. If this task is impossible, we’ll fight for you in court to show the judge that you’re a responsible guardian who can provide a safe and loving environment for your child. The professionals at LaCoste Family Law will support you every step of the way.